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You're Exactly Where You Need To Be


"Don’t miss what God has for you by chasing what was never meant for you." - Christine Caine

Ever since I was small, my dad has always had a perfect analogy for every situation in life. I remember one night my sister and I were chatting (we were probably 7 and 9) and somehow ended up asking each other a what if question; If we could be anyone in the world, who would we be?

My dad overheard us and began to tell us how life is like climbing a mountain, and that we were working towards reaching the top. Around us are other mountains that belong to other people, but they are different. Some mountains are made of ice, some of snow and others of grass. Each person will climb their mountain with specific equipment.

He then asked us, “what would happen if the person with skis from the snowy mountain decided they liked the ice mountain better and switched? They wouldn’t even be able to take one step. Skis were not made for ice.”

He added how some people might be climbing a similar mountain; maybe a mix of snow and grass. Similar enough that the person can guide you on how to place your foot on a certain rock or ski around a specific tree.

Very much like this, we are all given unique talents, personalities, and life experiences as tools to be able to climb our own mountain. You can’t compare your accomplishments or your life, to someone that grew up with different people, in different places and experienced different things. These are the elements that prepare us to climb our mountain, and when we use them to our advantage, we climb faster. But there are also certain people in our lives who guide us and help us live up to our potential. We were given our stories for a reason and for a purpose. Learning how to be content with what we have and trusting that God knew what He was doing when He put us on this earth, will only give us a head start in accomplishing the things we were created to do.

This analogy has stayed with me over the years and I always come back to it whenever I begin to doubt my path and begin to compare what I have achieved, or more like, what I haven’t achieved compared to those around me. I’m the type of person who overthinks absolutely everything, which creates an unnecessary anxiety that takes over my life. Suddenly, not living up to people's standards and constantly comparing myself engulfs me, and for a second I feel alone; but then then I remember I have this good God behind me, capable of absolutely everything because nothing is impossible for Him.

Keep climbing your mountain. There will be difficult parts to the climb, but remember this is YOUR mountain. You may need to stop for a bit here and there and ask for help or directions. Maybe a person climbing next to you will be asking you for guidance as well. But while some paths may be similar or completely different, they all lead to a unique future with a unique purpose, all for God's glory.

You're exactly where you need to be. You got this!

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

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