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There Is More


About two months into this pandemic, I began to feel extremely restless; the kind of restless where you feel the walls closing in and the air quickly getting thinner. I was fairly new at my job and before I could settle in everything changed—and continued to change for what seemed like every few months. There was stress, confusion, and fear in the air and I didn’t have a release.

As soon as the lockdown restrictions began to loosen up, I peaced out to my favourite local trail. When I got there, I walked up the short incline gulping down mouthfuls of fresh air. I continued on the trail at a steady pace, feeling the changing terrain—dirt, rocks, tree roots—and stopping at a lookout where I could see farmland with city skylines in the far distance.

The open space was comforting. It was a reminder of how much more there is to life than the little space I occupy. I thought about all the other people out there moving through life with pain but also joy, with questions and some answers, each of them with a unique purpose.

I came back to this trail weekly. It became my safe space; where I could process my thoughts, feel all of my feelings, practice gratitude, and even work on my fear of heights.

I found the familiarity comforting and the vastness of the open space humbling. It reminded me that when life feels heavy, there is more for us. There is more for me and there is more for you in this one, beautiful, crazy life.

A wise woman once went through her whole day thinking: “Hallelujah anyway,” and then she put it on a t-shirt. What would you put on a t-shirt? What is your guiding mantra? I say “There is more.” You say _______.



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