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A Constant Love in an Ever-Changing World



When I think back, some of my favourite new years memories have been celebrating with loved ones; big dinners on new years eve with family and friends; sleeping over and having dance parties; spending it in Hawaii and counting down the minutes till the new year. There was a new sense of excitement and motivation for the year ahead.

This year plans were canceled again, my family had covid (alongside many others) and we isolated. It’s difficult to be excited for the year ahead when you’re ringing it in sick in bed. You hear more sad news everyday and sometimes it seems like the world feeds off of separation and pain. When I’ve spoken to friends recently, it seems like everyone’s mentioned how it feels harder to get pumped for this new year. If you make a plan there’s a fear it could be canceled.

Plans, people, places and goals change over time, which is healthy. Yet, we never notice in a moment how good it is until it isn’t the same again. I personally have never loved change. More recently, I’ve really had to ask myself what I’m rooted in and when life gets tough, where do I run to? For someone who doesn’t love change, I’ve found immense joy and peace in that, no matter what the world throws at me, Jesus’ love NEVER changes. How cool is that!?!?

The hard times, ugly cries and disappointments are real and shouldn’t be shoved under the rug. However, we have a choice to let them weigh us down for YEARS or to rise up, despite them. God will never leave or forsake you, I feel so so grateful to walk into uncertainty knowing this certainty. We’re not alone. That is the reason I say hallelujah anyway. Cheers to a new year, new opportunity to share some kindness, get out of the comfort zone, do something wild, love deep, laugh loud, cry often (it’s fine) feel the rain, run barefoot in the grass, smell all the candles (while you can still smell lol) soak up the sun, write the goals, cross them off, adapt them. Change, yet stay the same. HAPPY NEW YEAR and hallelujah anyway.

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